Don't care

I wish I could not give a shit about him. Whenever he text or contacts me, I would get pissed off whenever that snake comes into topic. Now, I don't care that he's already in a relationship with her, but what pisses me off is that he has the nerve to do it during his Mormon mission and right after telling me that he can't have a relationship and he wants to 'focus' on serving God.

I don't know why I still get mad, but I do. It's not like I want a relationship with him, hell no! A man who can't be faithful for less than 4 months? Who would want that? What pisses me off is that he's out there telling people of all the good things he did, but no one knows all the actual bullshit that he does!

You said you like her because she believed that what you taught is true and easily understands about the gospel. Well, fuck you. Does it mean that a person has to change their belief to be with you? It meant that she doesn't have her own freaking thinking? Can't a girl have her own opinions? That as long as she follows what you say, you will choose her? Then you're not worth it.

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