Christmas 2013

This year will be my first year celebrating Christmas single after what seems like an eternity. It struck me harder than I imagine and I honestly didn't look forward to it at all. I didn't want any Christmas presents or anything at all, all I want for Christmas is him. I couldn't stop thinking about him as the day approached. Not being able to spend Christmas with him is bad enough, but I had to spend Christmas myself and heartbroken.

My relatives had always organized a Christmas barbecue on Christmas eve every year, and this year my mum told me and my sister to invite our friends to attend, which meant that I couldn't even spend time with my sister! My parents would be having their friends over too so that really meant that I would really spend Christmas alone! I didn't invite any friends because I didn't think that anyone would come, I thought that everyone would be out celebrating.

A few hours before the party, I was asking a friend for some stuff and he mentioned that he was not going to celebrate Christmas too. So I jokingly invited him, not expecting him to come at all, but shockingly he was ok with it and asked me to call up more friends to come. So I did, but still not trying to get my hopes up, I didn't think much of it. So I called up a few of my friends and oddly one by one of them are free! I must admit that I didn't expect them to come, or would ditch at the last minute, but they came! I ended up gathering 6 people at the last minute! It made me realized that, I'm not alone! There's so many people out there who has the same, or worse, problems, as me and that all I had to do, is to be the one to do something about it to turn the night around!

I ended up having an awesome night with them and also the first Christmas where I went to a crowded area on a holiday!

Although he was on my mind the entire time, and I anticipated for his text or call the whole time, which didn't happen, I still enjoyed the night. It's better than sitting alone and thinking about what I'm going to do with myself.

Moral of the story is, if you don't feel happy about something, then do something about it!

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