Self-Respect and Value

Why do we only appreciate the ones who makes no effort to be with us, yet, take the people who is dying to be with you for granted?

I've began to question my self-value after awhile. I try to please people and make them happy. I try to help them when they ask for my help. Maybe I do that because I want people to feel grateful for me. Maybe I want to be appreciated. But not everyone thinks like that. It only makes people see me as a pushover.

I tried to help A whenever he needs my help when I felt that he's drifting away. I tried to please him, helping him do all the things in his list even when I was dead tired and had an assignment due the next day, hoping that he'll feel loved and maybe his affections for me will come back. So I sent the package, and what I got back from him was a 'thank you' and list of what I didn't do right! After that, ditches me and tells me that he's crushing on another girl. Dafuq?!  

So after done being used, this is what I get? What does it make me? Cheap? Where's the gratefulness? I feel so used and worthless! 

You've damaged my ego, my confidence, my dignity and lowered my value to the bottom!

It made me hate seeing people be taken for granted! But what makes me even more mad, is that you know they're using you, yet you still help them! What about the people who deserves to be appreciated? Why honor the spoiled brats when all they do is reject you! It's human nature to want things that we can't have, but that's the problem! It makes the rejected ones feel like crap! 

Stop making them feel like they have so much power over us! They're not worth it! Take away that power, and they will be the ones to come looking for you! 

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