Doing things the Elle Woods way

Ever since graduating from college and moving to Singapore, I've come out of my sheltered little bubble into this whole new world full of responsibility and reality. Yeah, sure, it's fun that I have the freedom to do what I want, but is it, really?

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a fan of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. The ambitious and cheerful blonde, whom no one takes seriously and will look down on her. Despite being looked down upon and being make fun of, Elle Woods will get back up her feet and do things the Elle Woods way. Now, I know that reality is not as simple as how the comedy movie portray it out to be, but after coming out to the 'real world,' I realized that everything in this world comes down to politics.

In the real world, hard work does not guarantee a promotion or a raise. You need luck, charisma, and maybe even a little politics to get what you want. I learnt that while I was working as a sales-interior designer. No matter how well you do in high school or college, you aint' learnt nothin' till you started working for real.

I was out of my bubble, and everything was so new to me. My seniors would tell me that I'm too naive, that what I see is not that simple. That made me sad, and doubt who I can or can't trust. It made me feel like crawling back into my bubble, and be sheltered from the lies and betrayal. But I can't. I have to be strong and face reality.

So after re-watching Legally Blonde 1 & 2, I've realized something.

Why hate? Why let yourself get down? Why let something so simple, get so complicated?

If someone hates you, it doesn't mean you should hate them back. Why hold the hate and let yourself drown into society? If that person wants to hate, then let them be. As long as they're not bothering you, you have nothing against them. Why not just do your own thing and be happy at what you're doing? Like Elle Woods, so many people in film started out not liking her and treating her like she's a fool, at some point they tried to humiliate her. But did she let them get the best at her? NO! She treated them nice and handled the situation like a boss!

If at any point, someone tries to humiliate you, just turn the situation around and go with it. Handle it like a boss and look who's laughing!

Smile more, laugh more, and hate less! Just that simple.


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