Happy Graduation

After 3 years of assignment, group works and college life, I'm happy to say that, finally, I've graduated. Yeesh!

Graduation dinner was held at Sunway Convention Center in KL, which is inconvenient for us Penangites as we have to purposely travel there for that one dinner. Not to mention that I'm working in Singapore.

On that very day, we all gathered at the hall as our parents waited in the convention center in their seats. Most of us, working at Singapore, met our classmates for the first time after the last day of class. Which, in my case, was a bit awkward as our class has had some minor and childish disagreements and misunderstandings which split us into 2 groups. But, all in all, we greeted each other normally, putting the past behind us. Pffftttt....We're grown ups now, right? 

Class of TOAP ID1105

One by one of us went up stage, took our fake diploma, and had our photo taken with Dr. Eric Leong, the Principal of The One Academy Penang, and also the Head of ID department in The One Academy.

Snapped from my sis: Le Dr. Eric Leong, me and TOAP Managing Director, Mr. Leong Hoy Yoke

Seeing all my friends, especially those in other majors, is quite refreshing. It made me miss the days where I get to see them all the time. But we don't have to keep it like that right? We can still contact each other even when we're not in Penang. Not to mention, most of TOAP students have come to Singapore to work, so, Everything is Awesome~ (Note: imagine the Legos singing it)

All in all, the trouble is worth the trip~ I got to spend some quality time with ma dearest family on the whole 4-5 hour drive to KL.

I'm grateful that I didn't fail in any of my subject and prolonging my graduation. I'm grateful for all the friends I made during these years of college life. I'm grateful for the awesome peeps that are graduating with me.

What can I say?

Happy Graduation! :)

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