Ignorant is a Bliss

Growing up and coming out to the work force really opened up my eyes on something:

Never give a damn on anything.

Not that you shouldn't care about everything, care for your family, care for your friends, care for yourself. Care for something that really matters. Something that will should not bring you down.

For instance, if you ever found out that a certain person dislikes you, why bring yourself down and bummed yourself out? It's not really your fault, you're just being you, why should you be so unhappy just because that person doesn't like you? What's so special about that person?

Just don't care.

Working as a sales designer really changed my perspective on a lot of things. You see, every time my company participate in a Home Reno expo, we, the sales designer, have to go talk to random clients who may appear interested. Sure, you'll be going around asking people 'Sir, looking for ID to renovate your house?' And sometimes you may even mess up your line! Or worse, if they really gave you a chance to sit down with them and talk, you may freak out and say the wrong things! Yeah, that might cause you a potential client, but you don't have to bum yourself out because of that! Think of it this way, you'll never have to see that person ever again! 

I have a friend from work whom I feel is very fun to talk to. She would joke around and make fun of herself like it was nothing! And I love her for that! Sometimes when she accidentally hit herself on the head, my seniors would joke and say how careless she is, and she would play along, answering them "Aww, I'm already so stupid, I can't afford to get any stupider!" And we would all laugh. And she wouldn't care, in fact, she would laugh with us! This is a quality which I would admire! 

Another thing which I must say, are attention seeking girls. I don't like, and this is strictly my own opinion, someone who always, and I mean always, post lots of photos of themselves every single fucking day, captioning something that has absolutely nothing to do with the picture, just to get likes or compliments! Sure, if you do it once in a while it's ok! I'd even give you my like! But almost everyday?! I ought to unfriend you on facebook just so I wouldn't have to see your annoying face everyday!

Now what was I talking about again?

Oh! Not caring, right! 

Life always goes on whether you're happy or not. So why complicate things or take every little things so seriously and bum yourself out? What if your life suddenly ends, and the last thing you did was being upset? You'd never want that.

I'm definitely not saying not to care at all. I'm saying, care for something or someone who would also care for you. Never miss a person who won't miss you. 

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