The time is near...

I always pride myself as being a cheerful happy-go-lucky person. Trying to tolerate instead of causing trouble, I tend to people please myself through life. I may be a push-over and do what other people ask me to do, provided it's not too troublesome for me, because to be honest, I don't know what I myself want, I only know what I want, is what other people want.

But there comes a day where instead of trying to please people and tolerate like I usually do, I just stopped and burst. I'd lose it and everything's gonna come out.

One example is my boyfriend, who'd sleep at 6am everyday playing game or watching his shows, and wake up in the afternoon at 2-3pm. Usually I'd just ignore it because it'll cause arguments and that'll lead us no where, we've had this arguments before and ended to us agreeing to disagree. Even though I openly hate it, I'd remember all the good things that makes me smile instead of the few bad things. But whenever I need him in the morning, he's always not available. Leaving me, yet again, to be alone to fend for myself. On normal occasions I don't mind, because it teaches me to be independent, I'd learn a lot more. 

But... this time it's different.... I couldn't tolerate... I need to tell him how annoying it is that now he's totally nocturnal. It's so frustrating to have to do everything myself! 

Why do I have to ruin such a harmonious relationship? Why do I suddenly have a change of heart?You may ask.... Because this time, thing's are different...... The time is near..... 

Brace yourself...

My period is coming.

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