Hamster on the run

On December 19th 2014, me and my Boyfriend got ourselves a pet hamster. It's suppose to be a Christmas present to ourselves so we wouldn't have to buy each other presents, since it's our first Christmas together.

This is Popcorn!
Since my boyfriend left the naming to me, I chose 'Popcorn'! Because when me and my boyfriend first went out(as friends), we went for a movie and he noticed that I consume popcorns faster than I drink water, so he would joke about how I love to eat popcorn and would say "Nah, your favorite, popcorn!" That's why I feel that it's a really suitable name for our little hamster~ It represents us!

We bought a tank for $65 and all of the accessories suitable for a healthy hamster, also thanks to my boyfriend's friend, who helped us by giving us advice on hamster care.

We were really excited when we got Popcorn! She was born on November 27th, she's a soft hair female Syrian hamster, with beige-brown fur and a cute little tail. She was a shy hamster, it took us almost a month for her to get comfortable for us to touch her! Even then, she would still run or get frighten.

We put her in my boyfriend's room, since I wasn't allowed to keep any pets in my hostel. So I only got to see her when I came over to my boyfriend's house.

Take me home please?
Although she is very misbehaved and curious, we still love her. Besides, we got some pretty adorable photos of her! She's quite the drama.

On January 13th, my boyfriend went to Hong Kong with his family, so, with no one taking care of her, we let Popcorn stay in my house, with my landlord's permission too of course!

I was really excited! This will be the first time I could play with her as much as when I'm home!

Every night, I'd spend 30 mins playing with her, and since she was still not comfortable with playing with us humans, I learn online on how to tame our hamster. Day by day, she got used to my touch more and more, and at the end of the day, she finally dares to climb up on my hand! I was so happy! It was a major milestone!

I would tell my boyfriend of the progress I had with Popcorn and he would be surprise as well!

After my boyfriend came back from Hong Kong, he let Popcorn stay with me for a few more days since we didn't have the time to move all her things to his house, and the tank was quite heavy!
It was a decision we later regretted.

On that same week, I was at my boyfriend's house, and I received a call from my housemate telling me that my Popcorn is missing! At first I taught she was joking, but then she said she was not, and she said tried looking around the house but the were no signs of her at all! Worried, I couldn't do anything. When me and my boyfriend got back to my house, we tried looking for her, nothing. We even searched online on tutorials of how to find our lost hamster. Still, nothing.

Finally, after a week, we gave up hope of ever finding her. We thought that she's either been kidnapped, or that she has escaped through a sewage pipe underneath the kitchen cabinet. Up to this day, she was no where to be seen. Not even any sign of her poop or pee.

Me and my boyfriend were really upset, we only had her for 2 months! How could she be gone so soon? =(

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