Skinny Mint Review

*Do note that I do not get paid to do this, I bought it with my own money and no one's paying me to do this.

At the mid of November last year, I was browsing on my Facebook as usual and stumbled upon ads of Skinny Mint Teatox. I thought that it was just another fake ad so I just brushed it off. It wasn't until I saw one of my popular friends from college posting and promoting skinny mint as well that I started to believe that the ad was more than just an ad.

Ever since I came to Singapore, I've gained quite a lot of weight. From an unhealthy under-weight skinny little shortie of 40kg, I escalated to 44kg due to me starting to eat regularly. All's well until my boyfriend, at that time we were still just friends, took me to Taiwan with his buddies and their girlfriends/wife and we feast like there's no tomorrow almost everyday! Believe me, there is not a moment where I feel hungry when we were at Taiwan. So, maybe my digestive system isn't as good as theirs, but eventually over the course of just 4 days, my weight escalated to 46.8kg! Not just that, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, immediately notice the weight I've gained! My belly started showing when I'm wearing one of my tighter clothes, sleeveless dresses started becoming less of an option because of my now chubby arm, needless to say I gained a noticeably amount of fat!

Me with my hands covering up my belly. So un-glam!

Colleagues and my bosses would joke saying how I've “发福” because my boyfriend has been treating me so good and taking me out to nice dinners. It was nice to get the attention and all, but when your mum started telling you to control your diet, you KNOW you need to do something.

So, desperate, I asked around and look for reviews of Skinny Mint, some were not so good but most were good.

Eventually I got the 14 days teatox to try it out because there were a lot of people saying how they don't really like the night tea, and being someone who doesn't drink/like tea, I had my doubts.

So I started my Skinny Mint journey on the 1st of January of 2015.

After trying the Morning tea, just like what everyone's been saying, it smelt good and tasted alright, it's tea, you get the point! But from what many have claimed about the morning boost they get (from the caffeine I presume), I didn't have any. Some said that they got more boost from their daily dose of coffee, and that the Morning tea did not live up to what it has claimed, but as I do not drink coffee at all, I didn't notice much difference every morning.

But as for the Night cleanse tea, which many have said that the taste was not to their liking, it was fine for me as I've had worse before. In fact, I look forward to drinking the Night tea more than the Morning tea, but that's just me. So ya, on the mornings after I took the Night cleanse tea, I would wake up with gentle laxatives and a trip to the bathroom. But unlike what everyone who says that they would 'pangsai' (shit) everyday, it only happened to me after the nights that I took the Night cleanse tea.

For my diet-wise, I did minimal exercises and ate quite a lot because of the many celebration feasts that I was invited to. So, of course I would think that I wouldn't see any results!

But on the last day of my Skinny Mint journey, I was surprised to see that there were actually results!

Not one to complain, but it's good enough for me!

Before & After

I checked my weight and I got 45.6kg, not much, but not bad.

I do still get bloats on my tummy but it would not be as big as before. Although the price for the Skinny Mint teatox is a bit high, at least I got the best out of it rather than nothing at all!

My ideal weight is to go back to my 42kg self, but in a much healthier way! I'm not there yet, but I'm that much closer.

My chubby face! But my squeezable cheeks are back, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
Look at how thin my face was! I was 38kg at the time. Too skinny!

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