Love of My Life

With all the 'drama' going on for the past year and a half, it has caused great pain and damage to my mentality and personality. Everything changed after he left for his 'mission' to serve God. What I thought was unbreakable and everlasting has ended so suddenly. 

A few days ago, I learnt something new about him while he's on his mission. You see, all this while, I kept thinking of how much of an asshole he really is, having a new girlfriend during his mission while he specifically told me, on the day that we broke up, that he wanted to 'focus' on his mission and doesn't want a relationship. You see, I thought that was it, I asked about it to him before, whether they text or anything, but nope, he told me that all they did was email. So, without any proof, I can't do anything or say anything. 

But now, I do have proof that he was secretly texting with his own phone number during his 'mission'. That had set my disappointment in him wayyyyyyyy up!

He is no longer an asshole, he is now promoted to a scumbag! Yay!

You may say that I'm just a bitter ex, Yup, I have to admit it, I am! All this negativity in me happened ever since he left for his mission, and to find out much later that he has been flirting with other girls DURING his mission? Won't you feel betrayed? All that trust you put into him, worth nothing.

I was upset, I was really really upset. I told my current boyfriend about this discovery and how angry and betrayed I feel even though I have no feelings for him anymore. My boyfriend, very understandingly, told me this 1 sentence that made me feel better: "Shouldn't you feel relieved that he's out of your life?"

Mind Blown!

That's is why my boyfriend's the love of my life. <3 <3 <3

After seeing how much I've learnt and can achieve, turns out that it's not worth crying over a little boy, because I deserve a gentleman.

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