Unappreciative Clients

I'll get straight to the point.

Everyone should really, REALLY, get a job in the service industry. I am an INTERIOR DESIGNER, NOT A MIRACLE/CHARITY WORKER.

My job, is to design and manage the renovation progress FOR the clients.

By far, I've had 2 clients who are unappreciative and expects a lot more than what they're paying.

And before I proceed, understand that anything you want to customize will definitely be more expensive than what you buy off the shelf. So do not expect for a cheap bargain when you want a customized item. 

Client 1: An Indian lady who wants:

  1.  A new TV feature wall and TV console.
  2. TWO display shelves for her many many figurines. 
  3. A 2ft half height shoe cabinet. 
  4. A 3ft storage cabinet.
But, let me add in, she's only willing to spend LESS THAN $4000 total.

So, that's fine. I gave a quotation of $3855. Now, bare in mind, I am merely charging her for the items. And I did not charge for the service that I provide. My service includes:

  • My time
  • My efforts
  • 3D drawings which I prepared
  • 2D drawings which I also prepared
  • My own transport
  • Designing the furniture
  • Calling and arranging contractors
  • The patient to handle the client

  • Who's gonna cover that? Moreover, she kept rejecting my ideas, especially the shoe cabinet. Her requirements are, to be able to fit a lot of shoes, BUT, doesn't want it to look like a shoe cabinet. But she would reject all of my ideas, and when I told her to go online and search for something she likes, she said "I don't find any that I like.".....WTF lady! You don't know what you want yet you wanted a special design, but do not want to top up money if it requires money?!?! It's only 2ft and half height! And you want to put a lot of shoes! But you don't want it to look like a shoe cabinet??? Do you understand how limited I can design for you? 

    There were times when we both sat down and chatted, she told me how her husband had treated her unfairly, and that she's paying for the whole furniture herself. She sounded so sad, I pitied her. 

    So when all's done, she wanted me to help her fix her TV on her new TV feature wall, so I did. Now, understand that it is, by right, not my job to do so, because I am the designer, I design stuff, I make sure the job (that you pay for) is done. But I helped her anyway, as a friend. But that doesn't seem like that's what she thinks. 

    So, she sat in her chair, and watched me put all the TVs together. All the way through. 

    I had a colleague with me to help me fix the TV. She wouldn't let us leave until the TV is working. BUT she wouldn't help us when we have no clue what the wire is for. To her, it is MY JOB. Lady, I am NOT an electrician, nor do I understand how your TV works. More over, people would charge you for installation fee, I did not.

    And when all is finally done, which took us almost 3 hours. she thanked me, made her payments, and mentions that she spent A LOT. And that's it.

    My colleague scolded me, saying that it's not our job to do this, and that lady was really unappreciative because she sounded so insincere. I didn't know what to say, I did so because I pitied her, but it really did made me feel so used and in a very unappreciative way.

    3 Months later, I get a call from her, saying that the storage cabinet is interrupting the wire of her iron. Which, before we ended the project, she checked and said it was fine. Now she comes to me complaining that she wants us to drill a bigger hole. I explained to her that, due to the small space, we could not do so as the drill could not fit in, but the problem can be solved by simply using an plug extension. But nope. she said she's not happy. And wanted to file a complain to say that we did not do our job properly. Like, seriously, I asked you to check. And you said everything was ok and now 3 months later you said it was not? Now you want to file a complain against me? 

    It was a small issue and a small project, but I had to do so much work but still be complained. Imagine if I were to renovate her whole house, how much would she have bargained for, and how much of her do I still have to put up?

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