The Client who will never be satisfied. Unreasonable client part 2.

Back to the story of how that old uncle have caused me mental stress. Read here for part 1.

After many arguments and misunderstandings, I have finally called it quits and had passed over to my boss to handle this old man. I told the uncle that no matter what I do, it never satisfies him and that I can not take it anymore. My boss tried to comfort me telling me that if I had a little more patience, that this type of client can easily settle. Which, is later, proven to be sooooooooo wrong.

The project started on Early March 2015, and I handed over the project to my boss on 25th April 2015. By 23rd October 2015, which, even though we have completed the final touch ups, he refuses to give the final balance payment, which is $2000. Note, even my BOSS, can NOT stand him.

To date, he has made $13K changes to the original contract and he is still not satisfied! Whenever we did our part, which is touching up all the defects that he has listed out, he would thank us and said we did a good job, a week later, he would add in more things for us to 'touch up', things like: the cabinet I want to add a compartment, (which we cannot do so unless we take down the entire wardrobe, which costs a lot of money that he refuse to pay for). We have explained to him that it cannot be done, and at first he would say he is ok with it, 2 days later he would call and say that he is not happy that it can't be done and demanded that we do it. LIKE SERIOUSLY?

UNCLE, you think so easy to do? You think you like this say then it can magically be done?!

Is it a mental illness?? I receive calls from my suppliers, who have had to deal with him, call me asking me if this uncle is mentally stable. Note, they have only spoken to him once or twice, only on phone, never in person, and they can already sense his instability.

Let me tell you a bit more about this uncle, from the stories that he had bragged to me about:

He is a Christian, he has 2 daughters, a corporate lawyer married to a judge, and an English teacher, (I have met 1, she is a very lovely and sweet lady.) His wife, coincidentally, has the same surname as me, that's what got them to notice me in the first place.

He told me how he ratted out a bunch of kids to their parents and how they used to take shit and place it in his front door. How his aircond guy told him "I don't want to do your business anymore." And showing me messages he sent to his friend, inviting that friend out, and his friend (obviously) refusing to meet up with him. Those should have been HUGE red flags!!!!

I have told my boss multiple times that this uncle really too over the top, taking our services for granted and would not pay. My boss would tell me the way I am thinking is wrong and that this type of client can be settled easily. Well that proofed him wrong, since my boss took over the project, I spoke little to nothing at all to the old man, what I would do is just follow my boss' instructions to arrange for when my workers should go, my boss is the one who would communicate with him. My boss is a very humble man, very patient and very calm, he would not be pissed off easily and his motto is, 'Anything that can be settled by money is not a problem.'

After my boss took over, the touch up period lasted for nearly 6 months. Within those 6 months, we have rescheduled multiple times because he would tell us to come between 11am-2pm, but would text at 11.40am telling us to tell the workers to come before 12pm because he wants to go out at 12pm. HOW?!??!?! It is NOT how things works!!!!

He would tell us that he wanted to adjust some things and I would arrange my workers to go, they would reach there and he would tell them that there is nothing to be done, and would not let my workers in. THEN my confused workers would leave the site, with nothing done. Thinking that he changed his mind about the adjustments that he wanted to make, I would just let it go. BUT HE WOULD CALL AGAIN AFTER A FEW DAYS TELLING ME HE STILL WANTS THE ADJUSTMENTS!!!!!!! UNCLE!!! DO YOU HAVE SPLIT PERSONALITY???? I went crazy.


He wanted to change the door hinges to gold hinges, but when my workers went there, they said they have to take down the whole door to change the hinges, so we could adjust the door for it to align properly, note that we are not charging him extra, he went berserk. Telling my workers not to touch anything and sent them home. Then again, they went back without doing anything. (Different group of workers) Few days later, he would tell my boss that we did NOT change the door hinges for him yet, and demanded we make the changes otherwise he wouldn't pay the final balance. ($2000) Now it's my turn to be berserk.

In the end, after all that trouble, after 6 MONTHS of TOUCH UPS, he STILL refused to pay for the final balance. My boss tried to talk to him, instead, he yelled at my boss, saying we didn't do a good job, and that he would NOT pay for the final balance. I kept telling my boss, 'SEEEE????!!!! I TOLD YOU THIS UNCLE CANNOT GIVE FACE!'

People nowadays are afraid of people cheating their money, but sometimes it's the service people who are cheated by clients who wouldn't pay after service. The uncle really ended up not paying and we have to absorb the final $2000 balance because of his selfish act. 6 Months of torture and for what? NOTHING.

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