I will be OK!

Sales haven't been well for me in 2016. Not that I was doing anything wrong, but that clients are getting pickier and pickier. It might have something to do with them having a lot of options and that some people out there are spoiling markets.

This has lead me to becoming depress over the past month and since I don't earn anything if I don't have any sales. 

I'd prepare quotations and sketches for the client and give them my ideas, they didn't even have to pay for anything before they commit. Thus, wasting my time and effort if I don't get their project.

I have been so depress and the thought of quitting kept coming to me. 

Am I doing it wrong? Am I really not that good? Am I not worth it?

I would hide in a corner and cry. Faking a smile as I try not to tear up. I would consult my boyfriend about it and he would remind me not to give up.

My colleagues would tell me that its normal and that it will pass.

The thing is, I can't afford to quit now.

I watched a lot of videos and read articles about self worth and came to a conclusion:


I can NOT give up now.

It may be difficult now, but I will get pass this and make a name for myself!

It won't last forever and I will be waiting for the rainbow after the bad storm.


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