The cycle never ends

Its 2.18am right now as I am typing this on my phone, crying. Feeling really neglected by the one I thought to be closest to me. I remember when I talked about being chosen over, or not being preferred when given the choice, and also being forgotten. Funny how life keeps repeating the scenario over and over again even though I tried so hard to stand out, I guess you can't please everyone. 

It's Chinese New Year and I'm back for 3 weeks in my home town Penang. I was really happy being back with my family after what seems to be a long time. I finally got to rest after working hard to finish off projects before Chinese New Year. I was looking forward to coming back, but I wasn't so keen on leaving my boyfriend in Singapore for 3 weeks. 

We basically did our own thing almost everyday and only texted each other good morning and good night and our plans for the next day. Nothing about how our days went and so on. I got so used to being alone now that it felt as if I was back to being single, only I wasn't.

I told him how I feel neglected and wanted him to spend some time talking to me, only to be told that I should go watch a movie or play a game to entertain myself, while he played his game. He likes his personal space, so much that he wouldn't change his lifestyle for anyone, especially me. 

Question now is, I've already given him so much personal space, would it hurt to give some time for me? I'm not asking for 2 hours a day. I'm asking for 2 hours in 2 weeks. Still he would say he's tired and has to wake up in the morning for work. I understand that he has work but that's never stopped him from playing his computer games till 2am in the morning. The things he would do for his computer games, he wouldn't do for me. 

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