Awesome Birthday

On May 19 2013, was an average day for many, but to some, like me, it's a special day! It was my birthday! And I was turning 20! I had 3 days of unexpected celebration from my friends, family and boyfriend~ And they all made my day! So here are 3 different types of celebration tips for a family, friend and boyfriend~

OK this might not be a real tutorial but just some tips to help you juggle up some ideas~

It may not be as awesome as a surprise trip to somewhere exotic or as big as those sweet 16 parties, but it's the thought that counts, right?

~Let's begin~

For families: have all your awesome cousins over
If your cousins are as awesome as mine, then you don't need to worry much about having a great time! Even though I am already 20, I still play childish games with my cousins, we would play Running Man together and run around catching each other. For people who don't know what Running Man is, it's a Korean game show which features celebrity groups playing games (I think...) We would also joke around and laugh when one of us did something funny. That's what cousins do! 
Cousins are like your childhood pals who can be themselves around you, unless they're stuck up and not awesome at all... Otherwise, they're awesome and you'll have a great time! 

For couples: Be there for her
As for me, I didn't want a romantic picnic or an expensive gift from my boyfriend, all I want is him to be able to be there for me on the most special day for me of the year! So he took me out to the beach, we jetskied for half an hour and just talked! Then he got me macarons (because I asked for it). He paid for everything on that day, it wasn't some fancy dinner or a romantic getaway, but just a casual date, which is enough for me because he cared enough to spend on me. I offered to pay him back but he refused. So I guess the moral of this story is, be a gentleman on your girlfriend's birthday! That's what'll make your girlfriend feel special on her special day!

For friends: Surprise!
On the days before my birthday, my friend acted as though they had no idea that my birthday was coming. I kept my mouth shut as well as I didn't want to sound stuck up. 
On that very day, they told me they had forgotten my birthday, and if it weren't for Facebook birthday reminders, they'd wouldn't have wished me either. I was devastated! 
So they took me out to 1st Avenue Mall the next day after a college meeting. They had me tried on a Charles and Keith satchel and bought it right there and then! Well, no surprise there since we would do that for all of our group of friends on their birthdays! But the big surprise was, they told me one of them had to meet a friend at RedBox (a karaoke center) to which I didn't think much of so I agreed. When we went there, they started singing 'Happy Birthday' to me and I was in utter shock.. It had escaped my mind that they had planned this surprise party. I felt so bad for doubting that they had forgotten my birthday! Turns out that they had already planned this surprise for weeks!

Needless to say, no matter what kind of surprise it is, the birthday girl will appreciate it! (As long as she is down to earth) 
Having her in mind and giving her the attention on that special day is one of the best gift a girl would ever want! 

*Different girls will expect different things so this only applies for some girls!*

C. LeaH

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