Mormon Boyfriend

If you have a boyfriend who's a Mormon but you're not, and he's leaving for his mission soon, then this post is perfect for you. Or, if your boyfriend is going away and you might have to have a long distance relationship, then I guess this post suits you too.

Well, If your boyfriend is as Mormon as mine, then he's probably excited to leave for his mission. In my case, he's leaving in 10 days. Devastated as I am, there's nothing I can do but to support him and wait for him for TWO WHOLE YEARS!!! Yup, 2 years of no texting, no phone calls, Skyping, meeting, and any psychical contact! If I'm not mistaken, we can either write letters or email each other once a week. It's relationship hell!!!

For all the girls who is dating a Mormon guy who is already back from his mission, then lucky you! For the rest of us who'll have to suffer the long wait, good luck!

Research have found that 99.9% of girls do NOT wait for their boyfriend when they serve on their mission... Well, it's NOT impossible, you might be that 0.01% right?

Well, I have this friend, who had dated a Mormon guy, and she waited for him for 2 years! The thing is, she's a Mormon too, BUT, if she can do it, why can't we? If you're sure that that guy is worth the wait, then wait for him!

So, the only advice that she gave me, was to keep yourself busy! Take that time to study or work hard or do the things you usually didn't have time to do! Take classes and hang out with your friends! Make the wait worth it! Grow as a person! Don't be the girl who will just sit there and do nothing! Learn to be independent! When he comes back, he's going to be a more mature guy! He will expect you to be the same! 

I'm sure everyone is different and things will end differently depending on what you do. If you did your part by continuing to learn and grow, and your guy did the same, then I guess it won't be long until you hear wedding bells~

C. LeaH

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