Quality Vs. Price

Recently my friend introduced me Dior Addict Lip Glow, because my lips are always dry and sensitive. I checked it out and I was amazed by it, I went to the counter to check it out and guess what, it was RM94! Way out of my budget! I turned away immediately because I thought that there's no way in the world that I am paying RM94 for a lip balm. I checked the reviews and 4 out of 5 commented that they would purchase this lip balm again, even though they hated the price.

I went to the counter again one day and asked the salesgirl to let me test it. She applied a generous coat on my lips and I wore it for the whole afternoon. My lips felt refreshed and moist unlike other lip balms  that felt sticky and uncomfortable. (some of it even made my lips swollen!) My boyfriend said my lips look better and more 'pink' because he would always complain about my dry lips! (Due to my bad habit of not drinking water) I woke up the next day and realized that my lips looked better! It only took less than 24 hours for the Dior lip balm (that includes lip care, as it says in the description) to work it's magic!! My friend told me that it cured her sensitive lips in 2 days, I didn't think it was that possible! Well, it proved me wrong!

I couldn't get Dior out of my mind for a while but didn't have the cash to buy one. I know it's impossible to ask my parents for the money because they would say no to the price of one lip balm. I thought about the worthiness of buying it: I thought that maybe I can find something better with a lower price? Or maybe wait till I go to the airport or another country to see if it sells cheaper there. I would always complain to my boyfriend about it and he told me to buy it, he said: Would you rather spend the money on ONE lip balm that CAN cure your dry lips, or spend less money on other lip balms that MAY or MAY NOT cure my dry lips, if it can't, then I'd have wasted that money and have to buy ANOTHER lip balm that also MAY or MAY NOT cure my dry lips. That got me thinking.

Today, after months of debate, I finally took my savings out and got myself one. AND IT WAS WORTH IT!!! I applied a small amount on my lips and it felt heavenly! Refreshing and made my lips look healthier! I could totally wear it everyday! One of the few complains about this lip balm was that you have to find clothings to match your pink lip color, well to me, I happen to have a lot of pink clothings so I guess it's perfect for me! I guess it's too soon for me to say that it's my favorite product of the month, but I'm already loving it! Totally recommend it!! 

So I guess the moral of the story is, if it's anything that has to be applied on your skin, buy the ORIGINAL thing despite how expensive it is! Spending that extra cash on an expensive product THAT WORKS is better than spending little cash on products that DON'T WORK and might even cause more problems! Even though lowering the price will help this product sell even more, I guess I don't regret buying this lip balm. =)

(NOTE: I am NOT paid to say good things about Dior)

C. LeaH

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