5th June 2013

So I've written in my past post that my boyfriend is a Mormon and is going to serve his mission soon! Never have I thought that this day would really come! I've always thought that 'there's still plenty of time left!', but geez... time sure flies...

It's so weird, I think God really is watching us from above because he was suppose to report to the MTC on June 7th, which is Friday, but had to leave a day earlier to have an interview. I have class at 2.30pm on Wednesday and a full day on Thursday, so if he leaves a day earlier, it'd be on Thursday, which means that I had to skip class to see him off! But it so happens that his flight was on Wednesday 12.45pm, which means I can see him off AND not skip class at all! Win-win! I guess God really do love me a lot to let this coincident happen! I'm one lucky girl! Plus, he told me that it's a good thing I have class on that day after seeing him off because it'll keep my mind off him, it's better than to have a whole day of free time to think of him and cry even more. I guess I'm grateful for that too!

However, even with all the luck I have, I couldn't prepare myself to watch him leave. I cried for a few days before he left. The thought of him leaving really devastated me a lot. I tried my best to smile but I would tear up whenever someone mentions it. 

On that day, I went to his house early to watch him prepare. I felt so sad and didn't dare to hug him because I knew that I wouldn't want to let him go. I wanted to cry it out so bad but I couldn't because his family was there. 

We drove to the airport and ate lunch as we waited for his flight. I gave him the gift that I had prepared for him for the past month. It's a book of remembrance, and inside I had his friends, whom he had lost contact with since his high school graduation, wishing him good luck and all. He was surprised that I manage to find his friends without his knowledge!  Facebook and technology really changes everything, huh?
I couldn't smile properly because I was already crying!

As the time passed, it's finally time for him to leave. His family and I took pictures with him together and took turns hugging. When it was my turn, I cried so bad that I couldn't see clearly and accidentally scratched my face on his backpack! It felt so nice hugging him for the last time. Even though we didn't have our goodbye kiss, he gave me a peck on my forehead. As he walked away, my heart ached so bad.

After that, I had to rush to my class at college, which I manage to make it on time! It felt so weird that I didn't have someone to text report to now that he's not here anymore. ='(

That night, all I have to accompany me were my assignments that I have been neglecting so that I could spend more time with him before he left. After that, I watched 9gag on my phone to make myself fall asleep. My sister, who shared the room with me, said that she saw tears in my eyes when I was sleeping. >_<

The next day, I went to class as usual and tried my best to keep myself from thinking of him too much. That night, a good friend of mine texted me asking how I was doing, and we chatted for a while but I still feel so empty. I finally cried all my tears that I've been holding back for the past day. I hugged the big Ultraman plushie that he had given to me a long time ago and prayed to God for guidance and strength. 

It has only been 2 days since he's gone but it felt like 2 years. I kept myself busy by doing assignment,writing emails to him and blogging this. I really do miss him a lot but I will do my best to wait for him and in the mean time, grow as a person, and that's a promise that I'm going to keep! And just think, if everything works out between us after these 2 years, this is going to be one heck of an awesome testimony! ;)

C LeaH

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