23 Days

It has been officially 3 weeks and 4 days since he left for his mission (Yes, I have been keeping count) and the days went by a wee bit slower than I thought it would be.

He went to the MTC (Mission training center, I think) in Philippines for 12 days, then finally out and ready to serve in wherever he's assign to. From the emails, I asked him how he was doing and he said it was fun but days felt like years in the MTC because of the long hours. But now he's out and serving in Johor, with his trainer, Elder Meister, an Australian from Sydney, whom I have the privileged to meet in Penang before he left for Johor!

Awesome Elder Meister!
I hope he'd train Tian Muh to become an awesome missionary and also get Tian Muh to become a more punctual and eligible boyfriend!

On every Monday, I would get to email Tian Muh for an hour (Yes. ONE HOUR). Why can't we text or call or video chat or skype? Because its against their rules. Strict, I KNOW! I don't make the rules. But it's to let them concentrate and focus on their mission work instead of thinking and missing their lonely girlfriend back at home. It's a bit like the Military I guess.

Anyways, I send Tian Muh emails everyday and he only gets to read 'em on Mondays. For his part, I asked him to write everything in a journal everyday so that I get to read 'em. (overly attached much? haha)

Anyways, he told me that he has made lots of friends in the MTC, and I don't know why, but I replied him with "Great! More friends to invite to our wedding!" Seriously! It just came out on top of my head and I don't know why! So I made a meme!
I posted it on 9gag too, haha
He just laughed because he knows that its the way I am. I'm not even going to try to deny that I'm overly attached!

He sent me pictures when he arrived at Changi Airport with the Mission President and a fellow sister missionary who also came our from the MTC.

Him with President Meines and Sister Simon
Many people don't see the difference but his face got a bit fatter. They say people will try to feed the missionaries as much as they can, so he'll definately get fatter when he comes back! I told him to come back with a 6 pack but he said he'll come back with 1. Hahaha!

Here's a picture of him and some of the missionaries who have served in Penang!

His family have been so nice to me and would invite me out from time to time and his mum would even take me out and buy me stuff! She has been emailing him telling him how great I was~ 
Oh stop it, you~
I'm not even joking about it! I have also been spending some *quality* time with my sister since I have nothing else to do when I'm not doing my assignments. I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish within this 2 years on my white board and my sister added one more when I wasn't looking.

Tian Muh said that out in the field, 2 years will feel like 2 days. I hope it also applies to me, because I missed him so much whenever I hear my friends talking to their boyfriends on their phones and how easy it is to contact their boyfriends but it's hard for me. But one thing's for sure, I'll never be alone, because I'll always have that one special thing that keeps me company...

...... my assignments. 

But in all seriousness, I do hope he comes back soon. We have been inseparable within our 2 years together and to suddenly not have him by my side is weird. I read through stories and found out that Mitt Romney, who is also a Mormon, (google him if you don't know who is he), also served his mission in France in 1966. Back then, they have to serve for 2 and a half years! Ann Davies waited for him though, and when he got back, they got married and here they are today! So if she could make it, and being the stubborn-ass girl I am, why can't I? It's only 2 years right? Correction, 709 days left!

~Love ~
C. Leah

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