Little Voices

I'm not a very religious person, but I am very superstitious... The other day I was at home preparing for class, which was at 2.30 p.m., but I had nothing to do, so I prepared early. It was 12.30 p.m. I think, and I didn't know if I should leave for class or not, usually I leave at 1.15 p.m. because it is hard to find a parking spot at my college if I went too early or too late. But something in my mind kept telling me to go right now, so I debated a while, but decided to listen to it.

I went to my car, and guess what, it couldn't start! It was working well yesterday, what had happened? I checked if I had left the gear wrong or anything, but nothing was wrong! Then I thought to myself, 'So THAT'S why I had to go early!' I immediately called my dad and coincidentally, my mum was already on her way home to pick my dad up for their everyday lunch together! (We only have 2 cars) 

So that meant that, if I hadn't listened to that little voice in my head and went out later, I would've had problems going to class that day because my parents would've left the house by then and I wouldn't have a ride to class! Yea, I know it's not really a big deal to anyone else, but it's a big deal to me! It's like a little miracle! 

The moral of this story is, always listen to the little voices in your head, in other words, your instinct, some may even call it 'the holy spirit'... or like they say 'let your conscious be your guide'. Unless it's telling you to do bad things, then don't listen to it...  But the other thing is, it's a matter of perspective... If I had viewed the situation as bad luck, then my day would've seemed bad and I would've complained why I had such bad luck, but it turned out fine because I see it as a 'miracle'...And I felt blessed and happy even though it's not much of a big deal to anyone else.

All in all, I had a good day and I am happy, because I choose to be! 

~Cee Leah~

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