Now, I know a lot of people have talked about this, but I want to have my say in it too. These are just my own opinions! It's nothing personal, it's just plain old common sense.

McDonald's have these adorable little minion toys out for grabs whenever you purchase a Happy Meal. You see, McDonald's have always had Happy Meals with cute toys since FOREVER (Or at least as long as I can remember). Kids love new toys, this I understand, I wouldn't be shock to see kids lining up just to get the Happy Meal toys. As a 'young adult', even if I wanted a Happy Meal toy, I bet my friends and family will tease me or make harmless fun of me. But now I see ADULTS lining up just to get the toys? Oh not only 1, but I heard a man bought up to 30 Happy Meals at one go! (the most I heard is 30, don't know if it's true or not though)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! This is ridiculous  What are you going to do with 30 minions?!! Sell them off on Ebay for 2 billion+? (yes, I really heard someone saying this) I know they are cute and all, but Y U SO GREEDY?? It's just a toy! What's going to happen when the trend is over? If you really paid a ton of money on a toy that only cost less than RM10 (which includes the Happy Meal! Don't forget the Happy Meal!), just because everyone has it! What is going to happen afterwards? Unless you are a toy collector then I guess you are okay.

The thing is, what I really don't understand is why people have to be obsessed to the point of breaking down McDonald's roller shutters! It's crazy! And the people who has no intention of buying the minion toys and who just wants to eat, had to line up for hours just to order! I also heard that after people bought the minions, they would throw all the food out... That's just wasting food! But I know that some people are aware of this issue and have decided to donated the food to orphanages, which is good of course, but that just means that you bought the Happy Meals just for the toys! DUDE! You're a grown ass man!!!

Many people have commented and telling McDonald's to allow only a limited amount of Happy Meals per person. My sister suggested that they should have an age restriction and only sell to the kids, I agree, I totally agree with this because the Happy Meals are target to children, some restaurants wouldn't let you order a meal that are only for kids, so why shouldn't McDonald's? Like, maybe a child must be present to buy a Happy Meal. This way, you can control the amount of Happy Meals a person can buy so that they didn't buy it for the wrong reasons! Now, McDonald employees are being blamed and even yelled just because they ran out of stock! It's not their fault that people are crazy about the little Minion toys! They're just doing their job!

I understand that the minions are adorable, they really are! But it's not healthy being obsess to the point of harming anyone or anything just to get a little toy!

Think of it this way, would you feel embarrassed if you look back to this occasion a few months from now, after the trend is over?

C Leah

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